Free Consultation

Scheduling your first appointment is the hardest part of the process.  To make that first step a little easier I offer a free consultation.  As a part of your consultation we will discuss your training goals, injuries, current fitness level, health, training history and any other hang-ups or limitations you may need to work through. 

Basically we will create a complete blueprint to help me create the perfect training plan designed just for you.

If you are ready to take that first step click the Schedule Now button below to schedule your free no obligation consultation.

Online scheduling

Private and Semi-Private Training

  • Fitness programs are specially designed to correct faulty movement patterns which cause pain and injury and prevent you from accomplishing your weight loss and training goals.
  • Training programs can be developed to get you ready for a specific event. (Marathon, 5k or PT tests)
  • Referral Program
  • Client of the Month Program
  • Nutrition Coaching – This is not a diet.  You will learn all the necessary tools that will finally help you lose weight and keep it off for good.  Learn to change your habits and your lifestyle.
  • Online Training Options – Short on time or money? If you answered yes this is the perfect solution. All of your programs will still be written by me and will be specially designed with your needs and equipment in mind.

Movement Correction & Chronic Pain Relief

Sessions are designed to:

  • Normalize and correct poor breathing patterns
  • Centrate all joints
  • Better activation of key muscles
  • Proper core stability and activation
  • Create efficient movement with decreased to zero pain

Nutrition Education & Coaching Program

All diets have the same goal in mind – weight loss.  Whether you follow a low carb diet, low fat diet or a named brand diet they all have similar qualities, they force you to control your calorie intake in some way.  The problem with the above types of diets – the results are not long term.  There is rebound weight gain almost every time.

The ProCoach NuProCoachtrition Coaching Program will help you find and correct the limiting factors keeping you from achieving your nutrition goals.  The program is completely centered on your lifestyle, current eating habits and needs.

Interested in joining the ProCoach program powered by Precision Nutrition, click the link to learn more information about the program.

Full Posture Screening

  • Pro Analysis is the only software able to give you your Posture Number.
  • Screenings using the Posture Grid.
  • Correction program based on your posture screen results.

Sports Performance and Conditioning

  • Preseason training, injury prevention, conditioning and rehabilitative programs to get you back in the game.
  • Speed and Agility training programs
  • Hop & Stop Testing (ACL Injury Reduction Program)

Other fitness professionals have you choose from one of their many different weight loss and sculpting packages.  With Completely Fit there are no variety packages to choose from, you get a program based on your assessment results.  Why fix what isn’t broken – FOCUS the attention where it is needed.