Here's how we can finally work together to create a personalized nutrition and fitness plan that will get that dreaded weight off and give you the motivation and energy needed to exercise on a regular basis.

My programs are designed specifically for the hardworking busy professional women who are trying to get their sexy back and feel 21 again!

These packages have already worked so well helping other women because they combine:

  • A complete program design that will not only change the way you feel physically but will help how you feel about yourself and improve your confidence.
  • A program that will not only help you lose weight, it will make you want to look in the mirror again or be photographed because your clothes fit so well and you look so good.
  • A program that gives you the motivation and energy to work out consistently instead of the haphazard schedule you are currently used too.

No matter which option you choose from those outlined below I will walk you step-by-step through the process of discovering how to eat healthier to allow for weight loss and creating high levels of energy and motivation so you can consistently workout which will help you get your sexy back and feeling 21 again!!

Plus, with each package I offer you won't just get your confidence, motivation, self-esteem and dress size back you'll also get:

  • Tons of free resources to empower you to maintain your new lifestyle.
  • Email and Text support when you need help.
  • A chance to become Client of the Month.
  • A chance to win $1K if you have a great transformation (ProCoach program only).

Which life altering package will work best for you?

Private & Semi-Private Training

This option is perfect for the person who wants a more personalized training experience or may need a little more direction and guidance in regards to their exercise program.

Features included with this program:

  • All fitness programs are specially designed to correct faulty movement patterns which cause pain and injury and prevent you from accomplishing your weight loss and training goals.
  • Individual assessments will be preformed at the beginning of training to further individualize your fitness plan.
  • Access to ProCoach Nutrition System at a deep discount.
  • Training programs can be developed to get you ready for a specific event in addition to the current plan. (Marathon, 5k or PT tests)

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Online Training

This option is perfect for the person who is short on time or money or maybe just wants more freedom to decide when and where to workout.

Features included with this program:

  • Custom program design (around your equipment and goals)
  • Text and email support
  • Monthly phone consultations
  • Printable program for on the go
  • Mobile program options for on the go
  • Progress reports
  • Exercise video instruction
  • Assessments and movement screens

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Nutrition & Weight Loss


 All diets have the same goal in mind - weight loss.  Whether you follow a low carb, low fat or a named brand diet they all have similar qualities, they force you to control your calorie intake in some way.  The problem with the above type of diets - the results are not long term.  There is rebound weight gain almost every time.

The ProCoach Nutrition Coaching Program will help you find and correct the limiting factors keeping you from achieving your nutrition goals.  The program is completely centered on your lifestyle, current eating habits and needs.

Interested in joining the ProCoach Program powered by Precision Nutrition, click the link to learn more information about the program.

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Not sure which package is right for you?  Don't worry I offer a free consultation to help you get started.

Think you might like a combination of the packages, don't worry that is possible as well.

If you are still not convinced don't worry I offer a money back guarantee if my style of training is not right for you.

What are you waiting for, click the button already schedule your free consultation - you have nothing to lose and your whole life to gain back!!

Online scheduling


Other fitness professionals have you choose from one of their many different weight loss and sculpting packages.  With Completely Fit there are no variety packages to choose from, you get a program based on your assessment results.  Why fix what isn’t broken – FOCUS the attention where it is needed.