Welcome to the Program Library! 

Inside this library you will find many sample workouts.  It is important to remember that all of the workouts are somewhat generic and comprised of various exercises I use for all of my clients.  if the exercise is new to you or above your level please do not use it.

If you do not know how to do the exercise most of them can be found in the exercise library.

*******Remember you should not begin a workout without the consent of your doctor.

Total Body Foam Roller Program

Ultimate Butt

Ultimate Arms

Lower Body Flexibility

Flexibility (Upper Body & Hips)

Shoulder Rehab

Beginner Warm Up
Foam Roll  Mobility  Dynamic Flexibility
 Pec Minor 90/90  Over/Under
 Angel  Cook Hip Lift  Monster Walk
 Serratus  Ankle Mobs  High Knee Walk

Butt Kicks



Hip Mobility Warm Up
Foam Roll
Dynamic Flexibility
Posterior Hip Hip Flexor Mobs Prisoner Walks
Hamstrings Spidermans Monster Walk
Abductors Cradle Walks Elbow Lunge Walk
 Hip Swings



Scapular Stabilization
Foam Roll
Teres Prone Extension Lat Pull Downs
Lats Cat/Camel Wall Push-ups
Pec Minor Wall Arm Slides Straight Arm Plank