OK we have worked the upper body (minus the core), now it is time to move on to the muscles below the waist.  Typically I split the lower body exercises into 1 of 3 different categories, knee dominant, hip dominant and below the knee muscles.

Today we are going to focus on the knee dominant exercises, this category generally works on the muscles located on the front of the leg, the quads, hip flexors and glute medius.

Just as we had a more dominant area in the upper body (our chest), we have the same situation in our lower body with our quads.  Most people will need to spend more time training the hamstrings and glute max.

In the chart below you will find my favorite knee dominant exercises.  However with that being said, for most of my clients we spend the first few weeks of the program working on lengthening the quads and hip flexors as opposed to strictly strengthening them.  In a later post I will give you some of the exact exercises I use to loosen up my clients.

Bilateral Unilateral
Front Squat Lunge (all types)
Back Squat SL Squat
Power Squat Step Ups
Overhead Squat
Box Squat

As with all of the exercises make sure your form is good.  As you begin to load the barbell it is very important to make sure you have adequate mobility (and strength) in the hips and ankles, if not form will be bad as you move low into the squat.  At this point that would be doing you more harm than good.  Good luck and enjoy the exercises!

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