Exercise Library

Welcome to the Exercise Library!

Here you will find descriptions, pictures and or videos of all the exercises I use when I write my programs for Completely Fit Clients (you must be a Completely Fit member to view the videos).  All exercises are in their respective category.  Click on the link to view each.  Some exercise videos are associated with blog posts I  have written in the past and you will be taken to that page, other exercises are on a secure website and you will need a password to view them.

You may notice that some exercises are found in more than one category, that is because some of these exercises can be used in more than one way.  I wanted you to be able to have a better understanding of how the exercises can be used. 

Note:  If the directions on the video scroll too fast be sure to hit the pause button to give you more time to read!


Activation Exercises

Cook Hip Lift
Hip Flexor Pushes
Bridge Reach
Prisoner Squats


Foam Roll

Snow Angel
Quad Rolling
Teres-Lat-Serratus Roll



Hip Swings
Hip Flexor Mobs
Ankle Mobs
Bench Slides
Elbow Lunge
Over the Fence Under the Fence
Calf Mobility
Adductor Mobs


Dynamic Warmup

Monster Walks
Spiderman Walks
Prisoner Walks
Reverse Skip
Lateral Skips


Breathing & Trunk Stability

Deadbug Legs Supported No UE
Deadbug Legs Unsupported No UE
Deadbug Hold
SB Foot Lift
Opposite Arm Leg
Inverted Hamstring Walk


Scapulothoracic Stabilization

Prone Extension I
Wall Arm Slides


Bridge Exercises

Cook Hip Lift
Bridge Holds
Floor Bridge
Stability Ball Bridge
Bridge March
MB Ball Bridge
SL Bridge
SB Bridge



Core Exercises

Jacknife Straight Leg
Box Plank
MB Dbug Opp Arm/Leg
SB Exchange


Horizontal Pull

Bench 3 Point Row
3 Point Row


Horizontal Push

Standing Walkouts
Wall Push Up


Vertical Pull


Vertical Push

Seated Shoulder Press


Hip Dominant (Hinge)

Hip Hinge
Kneeling Band Hinge


Knee Dominant (Squat)

Single Leg Toe Touch
Kettlebell Swings


Speed – Agility – Quickness (SAQ)

High Knee One In
Two In
Smurf Jacks



Floppy Burpee
Straight Arm Plank Jacks
Star Jumps
Jumping Jacks
Half Jacks
Toe Taps


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