With over a million different web pages and fitness articles found on the Internet dedicated to fitness and health, how do you know if the information is correct? Basically, you don’t. You have to trust that each website has the consumer’s best interest in mind.

Currently nearly two thirds of American adults are overweight. In the last few years a trend in society has taken place with the Surgeon General, Healthy People 2010 and some top insurance companies campaigning to promote a healthier United States.

Top economists and others have deemed health and fitness to be the next trillion dollar industry. What does that mean for you, the consumer? A tremendous amount of products and information on the market to sort through, much of which is unsafe and ineffective.

Use the information found in the following fitness articles to help improve the quality of your life.

The bottom line – when it comes to fitness and your health, there is no quick fix. You didn’t become overweight or unhealthy overnight, so you can not expect to reverse it overnight.

All the fitness articles and blog posts found on this website contain accurate, up to date and pertinent information that will help you reach all of your fitness related goals.

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